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To whom are unclaimed insurance funds owed?

Unclaimed insurance funds are owed to certain current and former policyholders or their beneficiaries. The money is owed to individuals whom we have been unable to locate in order to make payment. The insurance policies involved are/were under the following programs:

Insurance Program Policy Numbers begin with the letters...
United States Government Life K
National Service Life Insurance N or V
Veterans Special Life Insurance RS or W
Veterans Reopened Insurance J or JR or JS
Service-Disabled Veterans Life RH
Where did the money come from? This money represents death awards, dividend checks and premium refunds that were mailed to policyholders. These payments were returned to VA by the Post Office because they could not be delivered. VA holds this money until we can locate the policyholder. Some of these payments have been held for years.
What information can you get about unclaimed insurance funds from this site? This site contains a record of monies owed to individuals by name only (the original policyholder's name). You can search for debts owed to you or to a relative. However, even if there is a record under the name that you enter, the money may actually belong to someone else with the same name. If you find that there is a record of money owed to someone with the name that you enter, you will be asked to contact our office and supply additional identifying information to ensure that the money is definitely yours before it can be released.
Important Note For a number of years, a false rumor has been spreading about a special dividend on government life insurance for all Veterans. The monies discussed on this site are not part of any rumored special dividend for all Veterans. The monies discussed here are legitimate payments owed to present and former policyholders and their beneficiaries.
How to check a name for monies owed. Simply enter the name that you would like to search into the form below and click on Submit Query.

Important Note: The unclaimed funds search does not include SGLI and VGLI policies for those in service from 1965 to the present.   Please do not use this search feature if you are a SGLI or VGLI policyholder.

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